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Energy & Commodities

Thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape

Seize the Space in Energy & Commodities

New business models and technologies are disrupting the energy and commodities industries. We are at the beginning of fundamental changes—how we create, store, trade and share energy and commodities is rapidly transforming, forcing companies to evolve across all aspects of their business. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) will play a major role in the evolution of each of these areas. Organizations must embrace innovation to transform how they engage with customers and manage their business for success today and tomorrow.    

Top of Mind
How can energy and commodity companies grow brands and enhance relationships in a disruptive and fragmented landscape?
“Smart use of first and third-party data can drive more personalized experiences for customers and influence behavior while also generating efficiency savings that can drive down their energy costs.”
Masud Haq
Masud Haq
Senior Vice President, Energy & Commodities
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Our Better How

Thriving in Market Disruption

Demand in growing markets, deregulation and evolving customer expectations require agile business models. We help our clients build new strategies and use emerging technologies to create agility, resilience and growth ahead of market disruption. 

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Enterprise Optimization

Successful energy and commodity organizations must harness data to drive smarter decisions. We apply automation and agile modern data engineering models to break down silos, create synergies and improve operations. 

Customer Engagement & Loyalty

Demand will continue to rise for high-quality engagement, personalization and convenience in both business-to-consumer and business-to-business transactions. We use our superior design services to help energy and commodity organizations develop and execute strategies that positively influence customers throughout their user journeys and increase loyalty.  

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Milind Godbole
Milind Godbole
Energy & Commodities Lead
Mudit Kapur
North America
Mudit Kapur
Energy & Commodities Lead
Joseph Tabita
Joseph Tabita
Energy & Commodities Lead